Reviews: Passion Pit

NEMO Journal

Traversing music- from the underground, up through to the garage, continuing on into an undefined space in the air. Interesting, edgy, and bordering on erratic- this jagged rock revolves around an urgent delivery. Many unique elements formulate a cohesive, professional sound. But their CD Passion Pit really speaks for itself and eludes description.

Music Connection

This N.Y. foursome has a penchant for dark, brooding material on their eight song CD which, for the most part, is a very uneven, mixed bag all the way – including a tribute tune to the infamous Johnny Thunders. The story-driven “Pigeon to Disease” though, had a quick-paced, jungle drum drive that immediately made me forget the songs that came before it. Good performances all around on this demo.

Stubble Music Magazine (Issue 24)

90’s psychedelic offering from this NYC quartet. Good grooves and solid execution and I was surprised by the songwriting. Vocals sound like a new Holy Modal Rounders variety. A cool fun listen, getting college airplay; watch for these guys on a big label soon.

Crazy Mary’s recent release, Passion Pit, is energetic and well put together. They have a great, fun-filled attitude, and the mood is contagious. Crazy Mary reminds me of the Cramps or any good garage band. Best cuts are Look But You Better Not TouchPigeon To Disease, and Lightnin’ Strikes. These songs possess a great twang that generates the urge to get Crazy. -Penny Lane

New York Press

Hip and crazy get down on your knees Voodoo dancing! Watch out here comes the band that puts the twang back in your steps. -Ralph White