Gig Log – 2021 – Present


Charles Kibel Birthday Bash


Shillelagh Tavern

Queens, NY

With Mac Gollehon, Frank Wood & His NYC All Stars and Exit 99. Fun time with friends’ bands and Crazy Mary celebrating Charles’s birthday. Cake dropped? No proble, we have two. After a 3 month hiatus, Crazy Mary picked up where they left off, playing a number of songs from the upcoming EP, Onto Your Plane and some select oldies that had the crowd moving.

Benefit for Kipp


Otto’s Shrunken Head

New York, NY

With Bill Popp, The Ruminators, Michael G. Potter, Mara Tau, The Brothers Krash, Rewd Onez, Tiny Pinecones, Steve Krebbs and The Maynard G’s,The Phil Gammage Quartet, Senioritis and DensityBlackcat. 12 band, 6 hours, coming together for a night of love and support for beloved figure on the NYC music scene, Kipp Elbaum. Crazy Mary played a short set with Charles on lead vocals because Zandrina was out of town. We played a couple from the upcoming release, Onto Your Plane and some oldies. The crowd dug it all.

Caranival 23


Camp Carambia

Sackets Harbor, NY

With The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project, 7Finesse, Serpentones, The Michael G Potter Experience, Tiny Pinecones, Jezo & The Element, Frank Wood & His NYC All Stars and The Mercury Agenda. Despite dodging and early afternoon rainfall and then another one in the early evening, Caranival 23 was a huge success. The band sounded fantastic blasting away in the secluded wooded property bordering Lake Ontario. I have to say this was the best we sounded of the three times we’ve played there. So much fun.

The David Peel Birthday Bash


The Parkside Lounge


With Strange Majic, Blueberry High Heels, Paul DeRienzo, Bill Popp, Exit99, The David Peel Tribute Band, The Cynz, Rew Starr, and Long Gone Day. Great short set, again opening with The Mirror and Intensity. Both new songs are shaping up to be the strongest in our catalog.


The Shrine


With The James Rocket, Fandango NYC, Exit 99 and Density.  The last of the shows with Emma for the time being was another blowout.  We brought the downdown crowd up to Harlem and boy did they enjoy Crazy Mary.  We debuted a new song, Intensity.


The Hard Swallow


With Tiny Pinecones and The Antoine Poncelet Band.  A special evening that featured Charles on acoustic and Emma and Zandrina on vocals, we played some new songs that Emma and Charles had been working on and some new Crazy Mary material as well as acoustic versions of our older material.  Amazing to see all those people show up for us on a Tuesday evening. 

4-21 23

The Parkside Lounge


With Frank Wood and His NYC All Stars, The Jinx and Dino Show and Justin Oliver.  Night two of our 25th Anniversary celebration did not disappoint. Where as the previous night we played a psychedelic and protest song themed set, this night featured more funky, soulful tunes.


The Parkside Lounge

Crazy Mary’s 25th Anniversary


With The Cynz, Sea Monster, Tiny Pinecones, Rew Starr with Billy Ficca, Bill Popp, Gypsy Funk Squad and The David Peel Memorial Band. This show, which was part of The David Peel 420 Celebration was Crazy Mary’s actual 25th anniversary.  Emma returned from Australia joining Zandrina and the boys for this and a series of shows celebrating the band’s anniversary.  Hard to believe The Parkside Lounge a few blocks east of where we played our very first gig exactly 25 years earlier at Meow Mix but that’s where the similarity ends. Last night was a packed Thursday while 25 years ago we played to an empty room on a late Monday evening. Last night I saw friends so many people that we’ve met solely as a result of playing in Crazy Mary.  Also it was a treat to play with friends’ bands that we’ve shared the stage with so many times before.  A very special evening indeed.


The Double Down Saloon

Las Vegas, NV

With Mondo Vermin and Thee Swank Bastards.  Great to return to Vegas for Frank Wood’s birthday and play with our friend Dirk Vermin.  We had Frank join the band for a few songs.


The New York Marathon

Corner of 84th St. and First Ave.


This marks our 9th Marathon since 2013 and it didn’t disappoint. We had temps in the 70s although we had a couple slight pauses due to rain. We muscled through 59 songs, playing from 10:15-3:45 and managed not to repeat any songs the entire day.


Anne Husick’s Annual Libra Birthday Bash

The Parkside Lounge


With Don BlackCat and Friends, Exit 99, The Cynz, Rewd Mimz and Mora Tau.  The Libra Birthday Bash is always a favorite and this year was no exception. It was fantastic to see so many friends, some of whom we haven’t seen since before the pandemic. We played a psychedelic Autumn show for the occasion and featured guest harmonica player Nino Mendoza.



Camp Carambia

Sackets Harbor, NY

With Vic Carambia, The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project, Margarita Mike, The Mercury Agenda, Jezo and The Element, Tom Smollins, Phillip Acuri, Swami, The Michael G. Potter Experience, Sunshine Nightmare. Undergang and Frank Wood and His NYC All Stars, Another really fun weekend of music and nature in the woods with picture perfect weather.  The COVID bug hit the band at just the wrong time, coupled with a broken tenor sax, left the band with just Charles, Nick, Wiz and Mac.  We still delivered!!!


The Annual David Peel Birthday Bash

The Parkside Lounge


With Sea Monster, THe David Peel Tribute Band, Bill Popp, Rewd Mimz, Halo Peace,Yippie Dana Beal, Paul DeRienzo (WBAI Radio), and Aron Kay the Yippie Pie Man.A great crowd as usual and a great performance of Crazy Mary.  We’re starting to really settle in with Zandrina as our vocalist.


Parkside Lounge


With The Serontonians, Face Plant and Black Angels.


Davis Peel 50th Anniversary of The Pope Smokes Dope

The Parkside Lounge


With The David Peel Tribute Band, Mickey Leigh’s Mutated Music, Sea Monster, The Cynz, Tiny Pinecones, Rewd Mimz, Bill Popp, Steve Bloom, Yippie Dana Beal, WBAI’s Paul DiRienzo and Aron Kay and The Yippie Pieman.


NYC Marathon

Corner of 84th and First


Our 8th marathon and just as rewarding as the prior 7, maybe even more so because no event was held in 2020


Otto’s Shrunken Head


With The Record Players, Exit 99 and Arch Angels.  Well it sure felt great to play our beloved Otto’s after a long, pandemic hiatus.



Camp Carambia

Sackets Harbor, NY

With Philip Arcuri, Margarita Mike, The Bomb, Jezo and The Element, Under The Musical Influence, Electric Merx, Undergang and Frank Wood and His NYC All Stars.  Fun private festival in a gorgeous, secluded property on Lake Ontario.  Crazy Mary blew this gig out of the stratosphere.  The audience, many of whom had never previously seen the band, loved it.  We met so many nice people.  What a great experience.


The David Peel Birthday Celebration

The Bowery Electric


With Sea Monster, The David Peel Tribute Band, The Cynz, Bill Popp, Anne Husick, Puma Perl, Rew Starr, Halo Peaqce, The Museum of Interesting Things, JOff WilsOn, Blueberry High Heels, Alan Merrill Mini Tribute, Steve Bloom, Richard West and Sara Mitchell, Dana Beal and Paul DeRienzo.  Fun, chaotic night honoring marajuana advocate and musician who once had John Lennon is his band.


Chicks Creek Festival

Skibinski Picnic  Grove

Erie, PA

With Jezo and The Element, Henge, Aria and The Voiceless, Monica Lewis and Georgia Buchner.  Despite the continuous rain this festival was a really good time.  Everyone rocked hard.


The Nest Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NY

With Jezo and The Element and Paul Anthony and The Marauders.  This was the first of Frank Wood’s weekly party, Wind Down Sunday in a brand new venue and in almost two years. We also played his final one at Otto’s Shrunken Head.  We debuted the song Send Me Right Back.



Valley Stream, NY

With David Tanner, Valkyrie’s Vendetta and The Record Players.  Crazy Mary’s first gig in 16 months due to the pandemic was a smashing success.  So many friends came out to see us and it was a great party. We debuted the song Broken Road.  It was also Shelley Fromm’s Birthday Bash.  We dreamed of this day and it was magical to finally experience.