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Crazy Mary in New York June 2018

Crazy Mary in New York June 2018

Crazy Mary returned from London with Emma who had been in Australia since March to play a series of shows in or near New York City,  They included The Delancey on June 3rd, Sidewalk NYC on June 6th, a rare stripped down, semi-acoustic show at The Atlas Public House in...

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Crazy Mary in London-again 5-21-18

Crazy Mary in London-again 5-21-18

With Diego Billordo, The Brady Bunch (featuring the legendary Brady The Brat fro The Holywood Brats), and Who Killed Nancy Johnson.  Crazy Mary’s triumphant return to London featured the reuniting of Emma who’s been in Australia, and the rest of the band.  It is also...

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Crazy Mary’s 20th Anniversary Celebration 4-21-18

Crazy Mary’s 20th Anniversary Celebration 4-21-18

20 years and a day after the first Crazy Mary concert we celebrated our 20th Anniversary and what a great party it was. Although Emma is still in Australia the band was joined for the first time in 18 years by founding member Richard Morbid who did a stunning...

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If you’re feeling experimental try Crazy Mary, try Faded. They remind a lot of people in the rawness of the music of a young Jim Morrison, early Rolling Stones.

Brian Williams

NBC Nightly News

Crazy Mary is like that Wonderful Brown Sauce you see entrusted to Chinese menus. You’re not sure what the hell’s in it, but it’s a singularly strange, exotic and at times full moon taste that’s hard to take a doggie bag on. You wanna turn to the next track and finish it all in one place.

Ben Ohmart

Muse’s Muse

Sorry, West Coasters. New York City continues to turn out the most interesting, challenging, experimental pop. And so it is with She Comes in Waves.

Randy Krbechek

CD Shakedown

The word eclectic seems too confining to describe the music of Crazy Mary… Their latest release, “Burning into the Spirit World” is a quirky, sophisticated and totally engaging piece of pop magic.

Sandra T. Molina

Go Girls Music

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