Reviews: Passion Pit

NEMO Journal Traversing music- from the underground, up through to the garage, continuing on into an undefined space in the air. Interesting, edgy, and bordering on erratic- this jagged rock revolves around an urgent delivery. Many unique elements formulate a cohesive, professional sound. But their CD Passion Pit really speaks for itself and eludes description. Music Connection …

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Reviews: Astronaut Dubs

The Village Voice Real-life drum’n’bass, at least in the sense that all the other instruments keep falling out, with mantras and guitar solos; hence, very early-’80s New York (see: Liquid Liquid, Konk, Bush Tetras). Five songs, seven versions total, five-person band from Brooklyn (one low voice, one high), nobody named Mary. Free-floatingly shapeless, but jovial. …

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Crazy Mary
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