Crazy Mary’s 20th Anniversary Celebration 4-21-18

20 years and a day after the first Crazy Mary concert we celebrated our 20th Anniversary and what a great party it was. Although Emma is still in Australia the band was joined for the first time in 18 years by founding member Richard Morbid who did a stunning rendition of Johnny Thunders which appears on our first album, and Sophia Jackson who was our vocalist from 1999 to 2003 who joined us for 4 songs including two songs we haven’t played since Emma joined the band, Monkey Magic Medicine and Invisible.  Anne Husick organized an unforgettable evening with some of our good friends in amazing bands rounding out the night, Don Blck Cat and Friends, The Hipp Pipps, Love Pirates and Joff Wilson and Friends.

The band after the show. Photo by Alan Rand
Walter sings 15 Minutes of Fame. Photo by Alan Rand
Sophia Jackson joins the band. Photo by Alan Rand
Robert Aaron and Mac Gollehon. Photo by Alan Rand
Richard Morbid and Sophia Jackson..Photo by Alan Rand
Photo by Alan Rand
Charles picks up the vocal slack in Emma’s absence. Photo by Maureen Scanlon-Nicoletti
Photo by Ron Stewart
Photo by Ron Stewart
Photo by Ron Stewart
Photo by Ron Stewart
Founding members Charles Kibel and Richard Morbid. Photo by Ron Stewart
Photo by Ron Stewart
Alan Rand catches yet another good one
Charles is smiling because he’s so happy to play with his old bandmates. Photo by Maureen Scanlon-Nicoletti