Charles Kibel Birthday Bash Otto’s Shrunken Head 3-15-15

With Red Gretchen, Frank Wood and His NYC Allstars, The Hipp Pipps and Puma Perl and Friends.  Wow!!  What can I say about this amazing evening.  Frank Wood put together an amazing lineup of some of our favorite bands (and people).  The crowd was great the vibes were flowing and Charles had a big smile on his face the whole time.  Crazy Mary was joined by Chuckie “Raven” Hancock ob sax and Rick Eckerle on lap steel and mandolin for a riveting finale of Country Honk featuring Charles on vocals.

Charles photo: Rob Mitchell Jr.
photo: Susana Guerra
photo: Rob Mitchell Jr.
Charles sings Country Honk with Walter Steding and Rick Eckerle. photo: Frank Wood
Charles, Walter and Raven. photo: Frank Wood
photo: Frank Wood
photo: Frank Wood

Cake Time!!! photo: Frank Wood

photo: Rob Mitchell Jr.

Holding down the beat with The Wizard, Nick and Charles. photo: Frank Wood

Emma belts one out photo: Frank Wood
photo: Frank Wood
photo: Don Sztabnik

Charles thanking the crowd for the warm birthday reception. photo: Don Sztabnik

Lynn and Puma enjoying the show. photo: Frank Wood