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Aquarian Weekly:

Both 2016 and 2017 Top 30 New York City Bands to catch live- Charley Crespo

NBC Nightly News:

If you’re feeling experimental try Crazy Mary, try Faded.  They remind a lot of people in the rawness of the music of a young Jim Morrison, early Rolling Stones. -Brian Williams

Muse’s Muse:

Crazy Mary is like that Wonderful Brown Sauce you see entrusted to Chinese menus. You’re not sure what the hell’s in it, but it’s a singularly strange, exotic and at times full moon taste that’s hard to take a doggie bag on. You wanna turn to the next track and finish it all in one place. -Ben Ohmart

Aiding & Abetting:

A wonderfully inventive and eclectic (you might think I’m using that word too much, but I’m not) band. -Jon Worley

CD Shakedown:

Sorry, West Coasters. New York City continues to turn out the most interesting, challenging, experimental pop. And so it is with She Comes in Waves. -Randy Krbechek

Smother E-zine:

Typically the better Indie rock bands have the kind of sound that’s hard to nail down in a description. With that said who the hell knows how to describe Crazy Mary. -J-Sin

Nefarious Entertainment Magazine:

I reviewed three CD’s from Crazy Mary & I loved all of them!! -Kas Walters

Muse’s Muse:

Crazy Mary reminds us that it’s truly amazing what talent and cleverness can accomplish. -Mark Kirby

Go Girls Music:

The word eclectic seems too confining to describe the music of Crazy Mary… Their latest release, “Burning into the Spirit World” is a quirky, sophisticated and totally engaging piece of pop magic. -Sandra T. Molina

Hybrid Magazine:

On a surfer scale one being Gidget and ten being The Big Kahuna: Burning Into The Spirit World rates an eight, Moon Doggie. -Ewan Wadharmi

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