The Ding Dong Lounge-Final Saturday, 7/26/14 with Crazy Mary, The Cynz, Rebel Factory

We had just found out that The Ding Dong Lounge was about to close in its current location, and although we had never played there before, there a a sense of remorse.  Instead of pouting, we decided to send the last Saturday of live music out with a bang.  The place started filling up shortly before we played and kept getting more crowded through the Cynz and Rebel Factory sets.  It was great seeing so many familiar faces in the audience as well as some new ones.  Everyone in the band could hear themselves well, and I think we delivered a hard driving show.  It was great to see the Cynz again and they did not disappoint. Rebel Factory were also great even though they were missing Phil Gammage. Don Fiorino added some tasty lap steel.  All photos are by Alan Rand unless noted.