Alan Rand Appreciation Night, Sidewalk NYC 11-15-14

12/03/2014Charles Kibel

With Billy Magee, The Hipp Pipps, The Rewd Onez (featuring Bill Ficca of Television on drums), Puma Perl And Friends and Red Gretchen.  It was a fabulous evening organized by Anne Husick of AH Presents and Red Gretchen that honored photographer extraordinaire, Alan Rand who also produced and recorded the new Red Gretchen CD.  Crazy Mary really hit a groove for this show.  So many people came up to me and complemented me after the show.  They were mesmerized, so much in fact that Didi Delicious wrapped Emma’s discarded petticoat around her head and joined us on stage during Land Of Jagged Mountains to sing backup vocals.  We also enjoyed getting down to P Funk after the show.

Photo by Nicky Lazzoni
Photo by Anne Husick
Photo by Alan Rand
Photo by Nicky Lazzoni
Photo by Nicky Lazzoni
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